Freshe Meals

Our Story

Inspiration often strikes when you’re looking for something else.

We were on a sourcing trip in Europe’s Iberian Peninsula—a place where colorful buildings dot the landscape and cliffs rise from the sea—in search of the world’s greatest sardines. And sardines we found! The more exciting discovery, however, was a centuries-old European tradition of preserving premium-quality food in tins.

The magic of properly tinned high-quality foods is they don’t need preservatives. It also keeps foods fresher longer - at least 4 years, imagine that!  And beyond that, tinned foods are easily transportable - simple to carry along on any adventure.

When we returned to the States, we couldn’t get the concept out of our minds. We already had a seafood business - what if we started offering tinned meals as well? So we began to experiment. Beginning with responsibly sourced proteins, we designed traditional, globally-inspired recipes filled with wholesome vegetables, legumes, vibrant herbs, spices, and olive oil. As avid gardeners, we know that amazing foods preserved with skill make delicious meals a reality well beyond harvest.

Freshé Meals are the result of our adventure. Super portable, highly nutritious, and responsible - Freshé Meals keep up with your life. That’s our commitment to you. Small meals, big protein.


Henry & Lisa