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SELF Magazine - February 24, 2023 

The 2023 Pantry Awards: The Best Tinned, Canned, and Boxed Goods
Best Meal Prep Protein: Think of Freshé as your classic tinned fish purveyor, but turned up a notch. Each can comes packed with a fish base, plus add-ins like beans, peppers, tomato, and corn. Flavors like Sicilian Caponata, Aztec Ensalada, and Thai Sriracha can quickly make a simple meal feel gourmet.”

Splash Magazine - January 22, 2023 

2023 Valentine's Day Gift Guide
This Valentine’s Day surprise your guests with gourmet salad by topping it with a can of Freshé. - January 10, 2023 

Setting Goals for the New Year: Our Favorite Products
“These protein packed meals may come in a small tin, but they’re packed with protein and are ready for adventure!  The possibilities are endless - your hardest choice is which to open first!”

Parade Magazine - September 16, 2022

Best Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss
“Reap the nutritional rewards of salmon packaged in this traditional Spanish grilled vegetable dish. While it is great as a salad topper, this also works great as a snack or mini meal all on its own.”

Pittsburg Post Gazette - July 12, 2022 

Summer Fancy Food Show in NYC: New Tastes and Trends on Display
“Fancy Fish: If you like StarKist Pouches for lunch, you’re really going to love Freshe’s gourmet tuna and salmon meals”

San Francisco Chronicle - July 18, 2022 

The 30 Best Road Trip Snacks
“Don’t drive hungry this summer with these must-have road trip snacks. #1 These portable tins from Freshé contain a full, satisfying meal with flavors from around the world.”

Boston Globe - July 12, 2022 

Tinned Fish in a Sea of Global Flavors
“The pocket-size tins are convenient for a nutritious on-the-go snack, or use them to top leafy greens or to toss into pasta. These make a good addition to a pantry.”

Parade Magazine - July 1, 2022 

The 35 Best Healthy Canned Foods
“This salad topper from Freshé contains a plethora of good-for-you ingredients like salmon, chickpeas, carrots, lemon, and roasted zucchini. The cans are compact but deliver a big boost of protein – 12g per serving.”

People Magazine June 22, 2022 

PEOPLE's Food Awards 2022: The 65 Best Supermarket Products of the Year” Winner: Tinned Seafood
“Salmon, chickpeas, vegetables and quinoa come together in this ‘light but filling’ meal. ‘It's yummy on its own or over a salad,’ said a tester. ‘It's my new favorite lunch’."

Atlanta Journal Constitution - May 12, 2022 

Try Grab n’ Go Innovations on a Picnic
“Pretty tins in beautiful designs….. we found perfectly seasoned meals packed with flavor” 

Good Housekeeping - May 13, 2020

The Best Canned Tuna to Make Your Favorite Sandwich Even Better

Trend Hunter - February 15, 2020

Freshé’s Globally Inspired Meals Combine Seafood, Veggies and More

Supermarket News - June 26, 2019 -

17 trend-forward items form the Fancy Food Show

Prevention Magazine - Healthy Food Awards -March 2019 

"Each tin contains sustainably caught wild tuna and fresh produce like succulent corn, sliced olives, zesty herbs and sweet red peppers.  Add to mixed greens for an instantly flavorful salad."

Women's Health - 2019 Food Awards -January/February 

"Midday Meal MVP's - ditch the blah lunch for these A+solves."